About Us

The name Steve’s Refrigeration has been serving the Texas Panhandle for 40+ years! Previous owner Steve Fuegle started doing work in various settings all over the Texas Panhandle back in the 1980s. Commercial Refrigeration and Walk In Freezers Pampa TX was his specialty in his previous employment with Malcom Hinkle here in Pampa. Steve remained with that company and gained a wealth of knowledge from its owner. Steve then went on to work at Celanese. He realized that his passion was still to do HVAC-R and he worked at this during his time off from Celanese. Steve admits that he was working two full-time jobs for many years! There came a time when Steve left Celanese to create Steve’s Refrigeration as his business right here in Pampa TX. He built up a fantastic customer base for over 40 years and served a wide area. He continued to do so until April 2021 when he sold his business to Jimmy & Amy Chaney – business owners right here in the city of Pampa TX.

Jimmy and Amy brought their years of business skills to the table and have been excited about this newest endeavor! Jimmy has owned Chaney Construction and has done customer home building and remodeling since 2005 in the Texas Panhandle. In 2019 Jimmy & Amy became owners of Hall heating and Air and realized that HVAC service was something that they truly enjoyed and found to be passionate about. They knew that with the residential side of Hall adding Steve’s Refrigeration and its Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration side to the mix just made sense! It’s been a dynamic Walk In Freezers Pampa TX duo ever since and the Hall Heating & Air and Steve’s Refrigeration teams have been proud to work alongside each other!

Commercial Refrigeration Services Company - Steve's Refrigeration Jimmy and Amy have been having fun learning what all Commercial Refrigeration entails! Everything from the equipment that keeps your milk cold before it is even sent to the store, to the griddle top that your burger is cooked on at your favorite burger joint! Steve’s services a wide range of business types.

Steve’s Refrigeration remained at the same location right in the heart of Pampa at 801 W Kingsmill Ave and the name stayed the same. The trucks, however, got a fantastic new facelift with some great new decals and the logo was changed up just a bit! They left the ice cube but incorporated it along with a new mascot that is similar to the Hall Heating and Air mascot. Long-time employees of Steve’s Refrigeration Ramon Jimenez and Luis Villanueva remained a part of the team which made the new owners and the original customers all equally excited! It was a fantastic way to keep the familiarity along with all the new faces that would be brought in. Steve’s now has doubled the number of employees it has.

Some other things that Jimmy and Amy brought to the table with Steve’s Refrigeration were extensive training programs for the entire team. Each employee at Steve’s Refrigeration goes through several hours of training each week on various things. Even the person answering the phone receives weekly training. Training topics that are covered are: how to provide great customer service, technical and product knowledge on various brands of equipment, diagnosing and troubleshooting all brands of equipment, safety training, and OSHA training, and so much more. Each technician attendants a training boot camp in order to learn a customer service system that sets Steve’s Refrigeration apart from any of its competitors.

Steve's Refrigeration Family Steve himself even comes and assists with training up apprentice level employees with various skill sets – Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can always be drawn upon!
The Steve’s Refrigeration team hopes to be able to continue to expand in employees and in its service area and service types. There are always areas which a business can expand and grow and the potential for Steve’s is an exciting one! Everyone at Steve’s Refrigeration agrees that knowledge is power and that we should be consistently learning new things in order to stay ahead of the game.

As for the owners: Jimmy is a White Deer, TX native and Amy is a Silverton, TX native. They have been married since 2014 and together they have 6 children and 2 grandsons! They have enjoyed living in the Pampa community for over 20 years and love serving communities in the Texas Panhandle. They have been members of various organizations right here in Pampa – such as the Pampa Rotary Club and the Pampa Chamber of Commerce. Jimmy and Amy have been members of Briarwood church for the last 5 years. They also enjoy volunteering at several non-profits around the community such as Pampa Meals on Wheels and Feed the Flock. In the past, Amy serviced on the Pampa Blood Council for the Coffee Memorial Blood Bank. Volunteering throughout the community is one of the many things that Amy enjoys doing.

Jimmy and Amy both enjoy spending time watching their children in their many extracurricular activities in the past years and now enjoy spending time with their grandchildren! Grandchildren have been full of blessings for the entire Chaney family! The two grandsons – Oliver and Bostyn keep the entire family young! With as many kids as the Chaneys have – they know that they will inevitably have a lot of grandkids someday.

Certified Technicians - Steve's Refrigeration Jimmy and Amy also enjoy visiting the mountains in Colorado, skiing, camping, and fishing – they especially enjoy jug fishing for stripper Lake Texhoma at the annual Chaney family fishing trip! They hope to someday retire and be able to cruise around the United States and see parts of our great country that they’ve yet to explore … they’ll for sure take the grandchildren! Jimmy and Amy both grew up with wonderful grandparents that took them on many trips and spoiled them just a little. That is the thing that Jimmy and Amy hope that they can be known for amongst their grandchildren as well. – that they were the best grandparents ever!

Jimmy and Amy can’t wait to see what the future holds for Steve’s Refrigeration and are proud of all the Walk-In Freezers Pampa TX work that they have put into the company thus far. They look forward to many more years of serving the Texas Panhandle and all of its Commercial Refrigeration needs.