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At Steve’s Refrigeration, we field a wide variety of questions about AC, heating, and refrigeration systems. We’re happy to help the people of northern Texas with their issues, so here are some frequently asked questions (FAQS) our technicians get.

In this instance, your refrigerator has electricity but doesn’t run the compressor. The most common reasons for this are that your fridge has faulty wiring, there's a control board issue or the compressor is broken.
It could also be an issue with the compressor start relay or the PTC, which jump-starts the motor on the compressor.
This is one of the most common FAQs our experts get. If your commercial freezer or refrigerator isn’t cooling to your specifications, some potential culprits include:
  • The unit’s door isn’t closing properly, allowing cold air to escape.
  • The condenser coils are clogged or dirty, reducing cooling effectiveness.
  • The thermostat setting may be wrong.
Freon is the liquid refrigerant used in the cooling process of refrigerators and freezers. This liquid flows through the evaporator and condenser coils to create cool air in your commercial freezer.
Freon is like oil in a car in that you don't have to refill it unless it leaks out. To check if your freezer needs freon, unplug it from its power source and turn off the temperature control. If you hear a hissing or gurgling noise inside the unit, your unit has freon; if not, it’s likely low on freon.
If your furnace isn’t heating as much as you’d like, there could be a few reasons why this is the case. Here are some of the most common reasons your heater or furnace may be blowing cold air:
  • Your system is overheating, so it’s expelling non-heated air to cool down.
  • Your filtration system is clogged, allowing for limited airflow, which causes overheating.
  • The heating system needs time to warm up.
The air ducts are letting out warm air before they reach the vents due to cracks or holes.
Your AC unit may not be blowing cold air for many reasons. Here are the three primary reasons why your AC unit may not be working as you’d like:
  • Broken Down Parts: An older system that hasn’t been maintained may need replacement parts or fine-tune by a professional. Low refrigerant and slow or stopped fans are some of the most common maintenance issues.
  • Not Enough Airflow: Your air conditioner needs proper intake and outtake to provide cool air. If your vents on the unit itself or in the building are covered, you won’t be getting proper AC airflow.
  • Capacity or Design issues: If your unit isn’t appropriate for your space— be it too powerful or not powerful enough— you won’t get proper cooling. If your unit is too powerful, it will cycle constantly. If it isn’t strong enough for your space and insulation, it won’t be able to keep up.

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