All About Heat Pumps!

Answering Common Questions About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great and efficient option for heating and cooling, as instead of installing both a heater and air conditioner, it can do both. Not only does it keep indoor temperatures comfortable in the winter, but it also keeps a space cool in the summer. This post will share more information about heat pump systems, answering common questions about how they work, their benefits, and when they may need repair. 

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

heat pump system A heat pump works similarly to a refrigerator, using electricity to transfer heat. When heating, it extracts heat from the outdoors and moves it indoors. Then, when cooling, it does the opposite, transferring heat from inside to outside. Since heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat instead of having to generate heat, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient.

Heat pumps can collect heat from different sources outdoors, depending on the type of heat pump. The most common type, air-source heat pumps, get their heat from the outside air, while geothermal heat pumps and water-source heat pumps transfer heat from the ground or water. 

What Are Heat Pump Benefits? 

Heat pump installation has many advantages compared to other heating and cooling systems. They can both heat and cool, are an energy-efficient alternative, and save on energy costs. Instead of installing separate heating and cooling units, a heat pump can help during cooler and warmer outdoor temperatures. 

Heat pumps can also reduce carbon emissions and are considered safer to operate compared to combustion-based heating systems like gas furnaces since they use electricity to transfer heat and don’t need to burn fuel to heat a space, which is also what makes them more efficient. 

What Are Signs Heat Pump Repair Is Needed?

energy billA heat pump can typically last up to 15 years, so if it’s older than that, it may be time to consult a professional and consider replacement. However, occasionally, during that lifespan, a heat pump may need repairs. But how can people know when a heat pump in their commercial space needs repair? Some common signs that heat pump repair may be required are: 

  • Short cycling, or turning on and off too frequently
  • Continuously running
  • Weak airflow
  • Energy bills spike
  • Not providing warm or cool air when it’s supposed to
  • Strange noises such as clicking, banging, or screeching

After inspecting the system, professionals can determine what the problem with the heat pump is and make repairs to allow it to continue operating efficiently and keep the space comfortable. 

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