How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Heater

Three Things to Check Before Heater Repair 

Few things in life are more frustrating than a broken heater. Thankfully, there are some things people can check first before determining they need professional heating repair. If these measures do not apply, then call an HVAC contractor to inspect the heating system and fix the problem. 

The Thermostat 

thermostatThermostats play an important role in heating and cooling systems. It communicates with the HVAC system and shares whether or not to keep the AC or heater on or off. A thermostat relies on specialized sensors that allow it to sense increases or decreases in temperature. Some models even measure indoor humidity and air quality. 

However, there may be a simple fix for the thermostat that could help if the heating system won’t turn on or isn’t heating well, including: 

  • Checking and replacing the batteries: A thermostat that needs new batteries will not work and cannot correctly control the heater. 
  • Checking the thermostat’s settings: Some thermostats have separate settings for heating and cooling that don’t switch automatically. The heater may not work properly if the thermostat is still manually set to cool. 
  • Cleaning the thermostat and sensors: Dirty thermostat sensors will have trouble correctly identifying temperatures, which can affect the heater’s performance. 

Air Filters 

air filter An HVAC system relies on air filters to remove airborne contaminants and allergens. EnergyStar notes that air filters generally need replacing after about three months, but they should be checked monthly and replaced if they are dirty to improve indoor air quality and system efficiency. 

Dirty air filters can affect a heater’s performance and cause additional problems, like inefficiency, higher heating costs, and overheating, so heating problems could also be due to people neglecting to replace their AC or furnace filters. Routine air filter replacement is a must. 

Power Sources 

People should also ensure their heating problems don’t stem from a lack of power before calling for heater repair. They should check the electrical panel for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers and the power switch on their heating unit to ensure it wasn’t accidentally turned off.  

If none of these simple fixes solve the heating system problems, then they should consult a heater repair technician. These professionals can get to the bottom of what’s causing the problem and correct it to restore warmth and comfort to the building. 

About Steve’s Refrigeration 

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa and the surrounding areas. They offer straightforward pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for commercial heater repair services in Pampa, TX. 

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All About Heat Pumps!

Answering Common Questions About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great and efficient option for heating and cooling, as instead of installing both a heater and air conditioner, it can do both. Not only does it keep indoor temperatures comfortable in the winter, but it also keeps a space cool in the summer. This post will share more information about heat pump systems, answering common questions about how they work, their benefits, and when they may need repair. 

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

heat pump system A heat pump works similarly to a refrigerator, using electricity to transfer heat. When heating, it extracts heat from the outdoors and moves it indoors. Then, when cooling, it does the opposite, transferring heat from inside to outside. Since heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat instead of having to generate heat, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient.

Heat pumps can collect heat from different sources outdoors, depending on the type of heat pump. The most common type, air-source heat pumps, get their heat from the outside air, while geothermal heat pumps and water-source heat pumps transfer heat from the ground or water. 

What Are Heat Pump Benefits? 

Heat pump installation has many advantages compared to other heating and cooling systems. They can both heat and cool, are an energy-efficient alternative, and save on energy costs. Instead of installing separate heating and cooling units, a heat pump can help during cooler and warmer outdoor temperatures. 

Heat pumps can also reduce carbon emissions and are considered safer to operate compared to combustion-based heating systems like gas furnaces since they use electricity to transfer heat and don’t need to burn fuel to heat a space, which is also what makes them more efficient. 

What Are Signs Heat Pump Repair Is Needed?

energy billA heat pump can typically last up to 15 years, so if it’s older than that, it may be time to consult a professional and consider replacement. However, occasionally, during that lifespan, a heat pump may need repairs. But how can people know when a heat pump in their commercial space needs repair? Some common signs that heat pump repair may be required are: 

  • Short cycling, or turning on and off too frequently
  • Continuously running
  • Weak airflow
  • Energy bills spike
  • Not providing warm or cool air when it’s supposed to
  • Strange noises such as clicking, banging, or screeching

After inspecting the system, professionals can determine what the problem with the heat pump is and make repairs to allow it to continue operating efficiently and keep the space comfortable. 

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration company serving Pampa and the surrounding areas since the 1980s. They offer straightforward pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for commercial heat pump services in Pampa, TX

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Get a Jump Start on Fall Heater Maintenance

Get Heating Systems Ready for Fall and Winter With Early Maintenance

While warmer temperatures are still occurring, the cold of fall and winter are fast approaching. That means it’s time for building owners to start preparing their heaters for the cooler temperatures. Early fall is the best time to schedule heater maintenance. Keep reading to learn the benefits these heater tune-ups provide and what happens during a routine inspection. 

Benefits of Maintaining the Heater

saveScheduling routine heater maintenance is one of the best ways business owners can keep their heating systems running smoothly throughout the cooler months. These preventative heating maintenance services provide the following advantages:

  • A more energy-efficient system 
  • Lower utility bills
  • Helps increase the lifespan of the system
  • Improve the overall heating performance of the system
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Less risk of unexpected breakdowns 

What Does Heater Maintenance Entail?

filterRoutine heating system maintenance includes a complete system inspection and important tasks. Some of the tasks heating contractors perform include:

  • A complete inspection of the heating system to look for wear and tear or potential issues that need repairs
  • Clean the unit’s components that need cleaning and apply lubrication where needed
  • Check the function of thermostats and adjust them as necessary
  • Check the gas connections and pressure if applicable 
  • Ensure all safety controls are working correctly
  • Replace the air filters if needed

In addition to these heating tune-up tasks that professionals will complete, there is also a task building owners should perform routinely. Changing the air filters every 1 to 3 months is an easy job to complete that will improve the indoor air quality and the system’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills.

Isn’t It Too Early to Worry About the Heater?

People might think scheduling heating maintenance for their building in the fall is too early. However, this is the ideal time to schedule maintenance services. Booking an appointment during this time of year ensures that a professional can inspect the system before the cold weather arrives, leaving plenty of time to make any necessary repairs. 

This also allows business owners to beat the rush. The longer property owners wait to schedule an appointment, the busier heating contractors will be, as they are busiest in the summer and winter seasons. This can result in longer wait times to book services. 

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company providing commercial refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning services. They offer straightforward pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for heater maintenance and repair services in Pampa, TX.

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Going Back to School With Air Conditioning 101

Learning the Basics of Your Air Conditioning System

During the summer heat, people need to ensure their AC systems are working correctly so their spaces can be adequately cooled. In this blog post, AC technicians provide tips for property owners to keep their properties comfortable all season. These can include ensuring they have the correct type of air conditioner installed, recognizing the signs that an AC system needs to be repaired or replaced, and the benefits of scheduling routine maintenance.

Common Types of Air Conditioners

acPeople have numerous air conditioning options to cool their spaces in the summer months. Most properties in Texas use central AC systems or ductless mini-split systems. These are both excellent at cooling entire properties, but they have key differences. 

  • Central air conditioning systems: Central AC is designed to cool an entire building or home. They have a centralized cooling unit, usually located outside the building, connected to a network of air ducts that distribute the cool air throughout the space. These are commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: These ductless mini-split air conditioning systems consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Each indoor unit is installed in the room or zone where it’s supposed to cool. Ductless mini-split systems are versatile and can cool individual rooms or multiple zones separately. They are also highly energy efficient, partly due to their lack of air ducts.

Signs an AC Unit Needs Repairs

When the summer heat arrives, property owners must ensure their AC system can adequately cool their property. To avoid having their unit completely break down, they need to watch for signs indicating they need air conditioning repairs or an air conditioner replacement. 

Symptoms to watch for include:

  • The system is not properly cooling the building
  • There is insufficient airflow coming from the vents
  • Strange noises are coming from the system
  • Foul odors are coming from the unit – which can indicate mold or mildew
  • Water or moisture is leaking from the system, indicating a clogged line or a refrigerant leak
  • The system keeps turning on and off, which could mean there’s a problem with the thermostat or compressor
  • The energy bills are increasing, signaling the system isn’t working efficiently
  • There is ice forming on the coils, showing there are low refrigerant levels

Routine AC Maintenance

acProperty owners should schedule air conditioner maintenance services at least once a year and change their filters around every three months. Routine air conditioning maintenance can help prevent air conditioners from completely breaking down, prevent problems, extend the AC’s life expectancy, delay air conditioning replacement, and save money on energy bills.  

During these services, HVAC technicians can perform the following tasks:

  • Clean or replace the air filters. Property owners can also perform this task, typically at least every three months.
  • Clean the condenser coils. These can accumulate dust and debris. Experts will remove it to keep the unit operating efficiently. 
  • Clean the condensate drain. Professionals will ensure it’s not clogged. This can lead to water damage if it’s not cleaned.
  • Clean the evaporator coil. Like the condenser coil, this must be cleaned regularly to remove debris.
  • Check the refrigerant levels. Technicians will check the refrigerant levels to ensure there isn’t a leak or other problem. 
  • Inspect the thermostat. Professionals will inspect the thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly. 
  • Examine the blower. Experts will check the blower assembly for dirt or debris, clean them, and add lubricants as needed.

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration company serving Pampa and the surrounding areas. They offer straightforward price quotes, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for industrial and commercial air conditioning services in Pampa, TX.

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Answers to Common Refrigerant Questions

What Does Refrigerant Do?

While refrigerant is vital in an air conditioner, many people do not understand what it is and why it’s so important. Refrigerant is a substance that lives in the coils of an air conditioner. It helps cool the indoor air by absorbing the heat. An AC unit cannot properly cool a space without the right amount of refrigerant or coolant. 

This post will answer common questions property owners have about refrigerants, including what type of refrigerant their system needs, what causes refrigerant leaks, and when they need to schedule professional refrigerant leak repairs.

What Refrigerant Does the AC Use?

Some people do not know what type of refrigerant their air conditioner uses – or where to find the information. In fact, some may not even be aware that there are different types of refrigerants. This is essential for property owners to know because refrigerant types are not interchangeable. Adding the wrong type to the system can damage an AC unit.

Locating the type of refrigerant a system needs is easy. Some may have encountered the information without realizing it. On the outside of an outdoor air conditioning unit, there should be a label that lists the type of refrigerant it uses. If available, the owner’s manual that came with the system should also list the required kind of refrigerant. A space with an older AC unit built before 2010 may use R-22 or freon. Because of this refrigerant’s harmful environmental effects, it is banned from being used in new systems. 

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

leakIf a space is not cooling to the desired temperature, it can signal there is not enough refrigerant in the AC unit – indicating there may be a leak. These leaks are common and can be caused by a variety of issues. However, only HVAC professionals should add refrigerant to the AC to make up for the lost refrigerant from a leak. 

Age can be a factor for an air conditioner with a refrigerant leak. As a unit ages, it can experience wear and tear that causes the refrigerant to leak. Other possible causes of a refrigerant leak could be pinholes in the tubing caused by acids or rust and corrosion that can weaken the metal and cause holes to form.

When Is It Time for Refrigerant Leak Repair?

proProperty owners need to be able to identify the signs of a refrigerant leak so they can get professional repair quickly and keep their air conditioners working correctly. Some symptoms of refrigerant leaks HVAC technicians suggest watching for are:

  • The space is not cooling to the desired temperature
  • AC unit runs continuously
  • Hissing or gurgling sounds, indicating refrigerant is escaping through a small hole
  • Ice on the refrigerant line, or frozen AC coils, which can happen if the refrigerant level gets too low

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa and the Texas Panhandle. They provide straightforward pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for commercial AC refrigerant leak repair in Pampa, TX.

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Reduce Summer Cooling Costs With These Tips

Save On Your Energy Bills While Staying Cool

Running the air conditioner during the summer months can take a toll on energy bills. Keeping a space cool and comfortable is necessary to combat the Texas heat, and running the AC system is the most popular option for cooling. Still, it can use a significant amount of energy. People can help reduce their cooling costs while staying cool and comfortable using these tips from air conditioning contractors, including installing a smart or programmable thermostat, adding weatherstripping, and utilizing ceiling fans.

Programmable and Smart Thermostats


If someone uses an outdated thermostat, AC technicians recommend installing a smart thermostat or a programmable one. These WiFi-enabled devices can help people keep their spaces cool and comfortable while having much more control over their indoor climate. These thermostats have many automatic features that save energy and help save on energy bills.

These digital thermostats also let people control the temperature of their space, whether they are there or away. This lets them adjust the temperature to make their space warmer during the hours of the day when no one is there to save money and then readjust it before people return to make it cooler. They can even control the temperature through an app on their phones for convenience. 


weather stripping

Businesses might also experience energy loss from drafts near the windows and doors. These gaps can not only let hot air into the space – but can also let cool air out. This means the air conditioning system may be overworking to keep the building comfortable, wasting money on cooling costs. 

People can prevent this issue by installing weatherstripping around their doors and windows. The weatherstripping will help keep the air-conditioned air inside and the hot air out, allowing the air conditioner to work more efficiently and saving business owners money on their energy bills. 

Use the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to save energy and reduce the burden on an air conditioner. Not only do they help keep rooms cool, but they also circulate air in the space. Ceiling fans use much less energy than the AC, so by raising the temperature on the thermostat to save money, ceiling fans can be used to make up for it and keep the space comfortable. 

To get the most out of a ceiling fan, make sure it rotates counterclockwise during the summer months. Fans can also be used in colder months to help the heating system by setting the ceiling fans to spin clockwise. People can also adjust the speed of ceiling fans depending on the temperature outside; a slower setting in cooler months and a faster setting when it’s hot. By taking advantage of ceiling fans, business owners can save on their energy bills while keeping their spaces comfortable at the same time. 

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa, TX, and the surrounding areas since the 1980s. They provide straightforward pricing, financing, and a money-back guarantee. Call them today for commercial heating or air conditioning services in Pampa, TX.

Add Cleaning Dirty AC Coils to the Spring Cleaning List

Cleaning Dirty AC Coils Can Improve an Air Conditioner’s Performance and Efficiency

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning out storage spaces and dusting. It’s also the perfect time to prepare the air conditioner for the high demands of soaring summer temperatures with routine AC maintenance. One important maintenance task for the AC system is cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. 

Dirty coils can lead to issues with the AC system and even higher energy bills as the unit works harder to cool the space. However, many AC issues can be prevented with evaporator coil cleaning and condenser coil cleaning. This blog post will discuss condenser and evaporator coils and the benefits of cleaning them. 

Evaporator Coils

evaporator coilsAn evaporator coil plays a crucial role in the functioning of an air conditioner. It is responsible for absorbing heat from the air inside and transferring it to the refrigerant. The refrigerant carrying the heat then travels to the condenser coil in the outdoor unit to release the heat absorbed by the evaporator coil.

However, the evaporator coils can become dirty and clogged with dust, dirt, and dander over time. This debris can significantly interfere with the heat exchange, making the air conditioning unit work harder to cool the air and raising energy bills. Additionally, dirty evaporator coils can lead to poor indoor air quality as the debris collects and recirculates through the building, creating a stuffy and uncomfortable environment.

Some common effects of dirty evaporator coils include reduced cooling efficiency, increased energy consumption, higher cooling costs, and reduced system longevity. In some cases, a dirty evaporator coil can even lead to coil corrosion which can cause refrigerant leaks and other costly air conditioning repairs.

Condenser Coils

condenser coilsCondenser coils are another integral part of an air conditioning system that help to cool spaces by releasing heat from the indoors outside. They are located in the AC unit outside and are exposed to the elements, which can cause them to get dirty. Dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on the coils, reducing energy efficiency and forcing them to work harder, consume more energy, raise cooling costs, and reduce the unit’s lifespan.

Furthermore, a dirty condenser coil can also lead to compressor failure, which can be a costly problem to fix. Compressor failure can be caused by several factors, including overheating, suction line restriction, and pressure imbalances, all of which can be caused by a dirty condenser coil.

Benefits of Coil Cleaning and Maintenance

There are many benefits to cleaning dirty evaporator and condenser coils. Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning can extend the lifespan of an AC system, improve its performance, prevent high energy bills, and provide a healthier indoor environment. Dirty coils can harbor mold, bacteria, and allergens, which can then circulate through a building or office, so regular cleaning can prevent the buildup of these contaminants, leading to cleaner and healthier air. 

When technicians clean the coils, they will first inspect them to ensure they are not damaged. This can determine if it just needs to be cleaned or if it needs to be repaired or replaced. They may also straighten the coil fins with a coil fin straightener or fin comb if necessary to further improve airflow and efficiency.  

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa, TX, and the Texas Panhandle since the 1980s. They provide straightforward pricing and the latest technology and are available 24/7 for emergencies. Call them today for commercial AC maintenance and evaporator coil services in Pampa, TX

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Start Spring Cleaning With the Air Ducts

Air Duct Cleaning: What to Know

Keeping the indoor air healthy and free of dust, dirt, and other allergens can significantly impact the health and comfort of the people inside. One overlooked necessity for clean air? Air duct cleaning! This blog post explores how people, air conditioning, and heating systems can benefit from professional air duct cleaning and indications that it is needed. 

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

ductAir duct cleaning has many benefits, both for people’s health and the efficiency of the HVAC system. It is recommended to have the air ducts cleaned at least every few years to reduce indoor allergens like dust, mold, and pet dander. Regularly cleaning the air ducts improves indoor air quality by removing contaminants that can cause respiratory health problems and aggravate allergies. 

Additionally, a clean air duct system can help reduce energy costs by reducing dust and debris that can block airflow and reduce the energy efficiency of the AC and heater. Finally, duct cleaning can also help extend the life of an HVAC system, as dust buildup in the system causes it to work harder than necessary and wear out faster. Overall, routine air duct cleaning is important to keep an HVAC system running efficiently and for less and improve the indoor air quality, keeping people healthy.

Signs the Dirty Ducts Need Cleaning

Some health symptoms that may indicate dirty air ducts are coughing, sneezing, sore throats, runny noses, eye irritation, and headaches. Worsened symptoms of allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues can also point to low indoor air quality from dirty ducts. 

Other signs that indicate the need for air duct cleaning include strange odors, dust, mold, or mildew on or near the vents, increased dust in the space, or weak airflow. Once the ductwork is cleaned, the indoor air quality will improve, creating a cleaner and healthier environment indoors. 

Easy Ways to Keep Air Ducts Clean

filterCleaning is a highly underrated way of keeping air ducts and HVAC systems clean and working efficiently between professional cleanings and maintenance. Maybe it’s because maintaining a clean space is a foregone conclusion – something every business owner and homeowner should do in the first place. But the fact is, making cleaning a habit is the best way to maintain clean indoor air and prevent dust from accumulating in the air ducts or air filters, which impacts the smooth operation of the HVAC system. 

But there is another way people can help keep their HVAC systems running efficiently. They should replace their air filters on time, generally at least every three months, depending on the filter type, to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and improve indoor air quality. 

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa, TX, and the surrounding areas since the 1980s. They provide straightforward pricing, 24/7 service, and the latest technology. Call them today for commercial and industrial air conditioning services in Pampa, TX.

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Get to Know Your Boiler Better

Boiler Trivia: Surprising Facts You May Not Know

During the colder months, boilers can be essential in keeping a building warm and comfortable. They are an important piece of heating equipment that many rely on, but surprisingly, not many people know much about them. This blog will introduce readers to some fundamentals of boilers and provide valuable information to help people keep their boilers in top shape.

A Common Misconception About Boilers

heat exchangerInstead of boiling water as the name suggests, most modern boilers do not boil water and instead use a heat exchanger to heat it. This system is more efficient and less expensive than old, traditional boilers, which boil water to generate steam. Hot gases from the burning fuel are passed over a heat exchanger, heating the water in a pipe that flows to the rest of the building. This water is used to heat the radiators and supply warmth.

Modern boilers are designed to deliver a steady stream of hot water to the radiators, keeping the area warm and comfortable. This type of boiler also provides more precise temperature control because the temperature of the water in the pipe can be adjusted to meet heating needs. Heat exchanger boilers are much quieter than traditional boilers and do not require a separate hot water cylinder.

Boilers Are Eco-Friendly

Boilers are an environmentally friendly heating option because they are designed as closed systems that regularly recycle water. This means that the same water is used repeatedly, conserving water which is especially important for water-constrained areas.

In addition to being a water-efficient heating system, boilers can be made more energy-efficient by installing high-efficiency boilers. These boilers use less energy to heat the same amount of water, lowering the carbon footprint. These boilers can reduce monthly energy bills and save people money in the long run by using less energy.

Furthermore, high-efficiency boilers include advanced controls such as weather compensation, which adjusts the heating output based on the temperature outside. This ensures that the heating system only uses the energy required to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing waste and saving energy.

The Impact of Low Pressure on Boilers

low pressure causes high utility billsThe pressure in a boiler is a vital factor in its performance and efficiency. Low pressure can cause various issues, including decreased boiler efficiency, a shorter boiler lifespan, and higher energy bills. For example, if the pressure is too low, the boiler will struggle to effectively heat the water, resulting in decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. Low pressure forcing the boiler to work harder can also put more strain on its components and potentially shorten its lifespan.

A boiler can lose pressure for various reasons, including system leaks, a malfunctioning pressure relief valve, or a lack of maintenance. Sometimes, the pressure can drop because the system’s water level is too low, and the boiler needs to be refilled.

About Steve’s Refrigeration

Steve’s Refrigeration is a family-owned and operated company serving Pampa, TX, and the surrounding areas. They offer straightforward pricing, financing, and the latest technology. Call them today for commercial boiler services in Pampa, TX.

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