Reduce Summer Cooling Costs With These Tips

Save On Your Energy Bills While Staying Cool

Running the air conditioner during the summer months can take a toll on energy bills. Keeping a space cool and comfortable is necessary to combat the Texas heat, and running the AC system is the most popular option for cooling. Still, it can use a significant amount of energy. People can help reduce their cooling costs while staying cool and comfortable using these tips from air conditioning contractors, including installing a smart or programmable thermostat, adding weatherstripping, and utilizing ceiling fans.

Programmable and Smart Thermostats


If someone uses an outdated thermostat, AC technicians recommend installing a smart thermostat or a programmable one. These WiFi-enabled devices can help people keep their spaces cool and comfortable while having much more control over their indoor climate. These thermostats have many automatic features that save energy and help save on energy bills.

These digital thermostats also let people control the temperature of their space, whether they are there or away. This lets them adjust the temperature to make their space warmer during the hours of the day when no one is there to save money and then readjust it before people return to make it cooler. They can even control the temperature through an app on their phones for convenience. 


weather stripping

Businesses might also experience energy loss from drafts near the windows and doors. These gaps can not only let hot air into the space – but can also let cool air out. This means the air conditioning system may be overworking to keep the building comfortable, wasting money on cooling costs. 

People can prevent this issue by installing weatherstripping around their doors and windows. The weatherstripping will help keep the air-conditioned air inside and the hot air out, allowing the air conditioner to work more efficiently and saving business owners money on their energy bills. 

Use the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to save energy and reduce the burden on an air conditioner. Not only do they help keep rooms cool, but they also circulate air in the space. Ceiling fans use much less energy than the AC, so by raising the temperature on the thermostat to save money, ceiling fans can be used to make up for it and keep the space comfortable. 

To get the most out of a ceiling fan, make sure it rotates counterclockwise during the summer months. Fans can also be used in colder months to help the heating system by setting the ceiling fans to spin clockwise. People can also adjust the speed of ceiling fans depending on the temperature outside; a slower setting in cooler months and a faster setting when it’s hot. By taking advantage of ceiling fans, business owners can save on their energy bills while keeping their spaces comfortable at the same time. 

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